Dog Safety Tips for Dog Parents During Winters

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There’s a lot to prepare for your fur buddy during winters. Just like we shiver by the cold, the same is the case with our dogs. During winter, the chill in the air becomes intolerable both for humans as well as pets. The weather between December to February remains extremely cold, therefore it’s our responsibility to think about our dogs’ health as well as comfort during this chilly time. Although dogs have God gifted fur coat yet they need proper warmth in severe cold conditions. Various Glen Ellyn Dog Poop Removal services are also providing safety tips to keep the furry friends safe in winter. Here are some Dog Safety Tips for Dog Parents during winters.

Dog Parents in winters

Avoid Ice Covered Places

You and your dog may enjoy going outside in ice to slide across a frozen lake or pond. But, it can be hazardous as the ice layer can easily crack due to your dog’s weight. So, you or your dog can slip into icy cold water that may cause some injuries too. Therefore, it’s best to avoid going outside on the ice.

Take Care of Dog’s Paws

Winter conditions can cause dryness leading to abrasions in paws. So, it’s necessary to have dog boots or paw protectors to keep your dog’s feet safe. According to various Elmhurst Dog Poop Removal services, it’s good to use a moisturizer for dry skin. Along with this, trimming the hair around the foot surface is also important to avoid paw damage because various foreign particles can stick onto the hair from the streets.

Stay Indoors

Dogs need some time to adapt to freezing climate conditions. Short trips outside help your fur buddy get used to the climatic change. But, too much exposure to the cold environment can cause problems like cold, running nose. Dogs can also suffer from frostbite on sensitive earflaps as well as tail tips in extreme cold. And if you’re thinking of taking your dog for a car ride to the store to give them a change of scenery, do your research and find out are dogs allowed in walmart? – or whatever you’re planning to go. You wouldn’t want to have to leave them in a car or outside in the cold if they’re not. Therefore, it’s wise to keep dogs inside and have some indoor activities like dog twister. You can get suggestions about indoor activities from various Naperville dog poop removal and Glen Ellyn dog poop removal and pet care service providers

Wrap Your Pet in Woolen Clothes

Although dogs have their natural fur coats, yet adding an extra layer of woolens makes a big difference during chilly winters. There are lots of woolens and jackets available for dogs in pet shops. Various Glen Ellyn Dog Poop Removal services also home deliver the pet essentials. You just need to pick the right size to keep them cozy while going outside for a walk.

Consider Your Dog’s Age as well as Breed

As far as climate is concerned, age is more than just a number. Like humans, young and old dogs have different capabilities to regulate body temperature. Therefore, keep the old buddies and young pups indoors as much as possible. The breed of dogs also has an impact on their reaction to the weather. Some dog species like Bernese mountain dogs as well as Alaskan malamutes feel joyful in extreme winters. However, short-haired and delicate pups may not feel well while walking outside in the cold. If you see that your dog is exhibiting unnatural behavior/symptoms or is having trouble adjusting to the cold, then take them to the Veterinarian immediately for a thorough check-up.

Give Your Dog More Food and Drinking Water

Due to excessive use of energy, while walking through the ice, dogs need to consume extra calories in winters. Make sure to give your dog a proper diet, a little more than usual. Even better, give them nutritional supplements like probiotics and vitamins, which can enhance their gut’s functionality and promote overall wellness. Moreover, these dietary supplements (which can be sourced from and similar websites) are known to aid nutrient absorption. This means that your dog can get all the benefits of their food. Additionally, the water intake of dogs increases in winters due to excess urination. So, it’s necessary to keep them hydrated by filling their water bowl on time. Don’t forget to replenish the icy cold water with fresh and warm water after every 2-3 hours.

Arrange warm as well as cozy bedding

Long contact with the cold floor can make your dog sick. Therefore, it’s necessary to have proper warm bedding for your dog. You can buy beddings and mattresses of different sizes online. Nowadays, most of the Glen Ellyn Dog Poop Removal and Elmhurst Dog Poop Removal service providers are offering pet supplies along with their services.

Health checkup in winter

Dogs are more prone to arthritis during the winter months. Thus, you need to pay heeds to his exercise schedule. Consult your veterinarian immediately if your pet experiences joint pain. Most of the Downers Grove dog poop removal service providers have tie-ups with vets to supply pet health supplements as well as other medications.