Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Dog’s Waste

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Getting rid of your dog’s poop is one of the less desirable aspects of being a dog owner. However, it is extremely important not just for the health and hygiene of your home but also for your community and city. While most responsible dog owners dispose of their dog’s waste in plastic shopping bags and throw them away in the trash bins, this may not be great for our environment. 

The reality is that even though you dispose of the dog poop in the plastic bag, this will still end up in a landfill, unable to biodegrade because of the plastic bag. We do not need to tell you about the damage plastic has already done to our environment. There are better ways to take care of your doggy’s poop that do not hurt the environment and in this post, you are going to read about a few of them. 

Flushable Bags

As the name suggests, these are poop bags that you can flush down your toilet which will take your dog’s poop down the same sewer system that your own waste goes. These bags are flushed easily and do not clog your toilet pipes. This is a much better way of getting rid of your dog’s poop and it does not make your home stink.

Biodegradable Poop Bags

These poop bags naturally disintegrate, unlike plastic bags. You can use them the same way you have been using plastic shopping bags to throw away the poop in trash bins. Nothing changes for you but for the environment, it is a great help because once these bags end up in a landfill, they can still degrade and the poop can return to the earth. 

Use Poop For Composting

This is a highly environmentally friendly method of disposing of your dog’s poop along with other yard waste. The compost that is created from this waste can be used in your yard again as a fertilizer for soil growing non-edible plants. Please note that this compost should not be used on soil growing any king of crops. If you are unfamiliar with composting, you can learn about it from Wikipedia.

Eco-Friendly Solutions to Dog’s Urine

Poop is not the only waste produced by dogs. They also urinate a lot which makes handling that in an eco-friendly manner just as important. Here are some basic tips.

  • Fix a permanent spot for your dog to pee. This will limit the impact of the pee to a specific area of the yard. 
  • Plant trees or plants that can withstand the urine around that particular spot.
  • Dilute the dog’s urine with water to reduce the harsh impact on the yard. You can use the leftover water from your dog’s bowl or its bathwater for this purpose thus conserving water as well. 


Proper dog waste removal is the responsibility of every dog owner and using environmentally friendly methods for it is the responsibility of every good citizen. Hopefully, the tips shared will help you keep your yard, your community and the city clean. 

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    • Hi! The bags that you linked to are great! Since they are compostable bags, they will break down a lot quicker, even if they are tossed in with the regular garbage.