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Doo Care is Chicagoland’s LARGEST and MOST DEPENDABLE Pooper Scooper Service with 25 trucks to service you. We have over a 5,000 satisfied customers who just love our service. Take back your yard with the Doo Care Dog Waste Removal Team.

  • Dog-Friendly, trained, detailed oriented service techs.
  • 25 professionally wrapped service trucks.
  • Bonded with workmen’s compensation, liability and auto insurance.
  • We leave a door hanger to notify you of the time and date your yard was serviced.
  • Online customer portal for you to track your visits, update your payment method and much, much more.
  • NO contracts. Start and stop your service at anytime.
  • Family-owned business servicing the Chicagoland are for over 15 years.



(1 dog)




Twice Weekly

(1 dog)




Every Other Week

(1 dog)




$10/Month Each Additional Dog


*Due to the extremely high price of gas, we currently have a fuel surcharge in place of $5/month for weekly service and $10/month for 2x week service.


*Surcharge may apply for extra large yard or to clean both front and back.


*New customers will require an initial clean-up. Initial clean-ups are an additional fee based on how long it has been since your yard has been cleaned.


*Save up to $100 by prepaying for your service!


*New customers with recurring pooper scooper service receive priority in scheduling.


One Time Visit? Email for dog waste removal rates or call (630) 786-6008.


We Clean 12 Months a Year!




You can start and stop service at any time. If you cancel anytime within a month, your credit or debit card account will be credited for any unused service. (Except for customers who purchase the Prepaid Special).

We Offer Discounts

orange tick $100 for 12 months prepaid
orange tick 2 $50 for 6 months prepaid

What is your responsibility?

orange tick 3 Yards must be easily accessible.

orange tick 4 Lawns must be cut on a regular basis, without large amounts of leaves or debris. We can only pick up what we see.

orange tick 4 Gates should be free of snow, ice, locks (unless key or combination was supplied). If we can not enter through the gate, we will return the following week. You will be charged for a service visit.

orange tick 5 Aggressive dogs must be left indoors on the scheduled service day(s). We will ring your bell and ask you to bring the dogs inside. If you are not home and your dogs are out, you will be charged for a service visit.

orange tick 6 A 2-day notice required for vacation service suspension or cancellations.

Snow Policy:

We do work all Winter. BUT, If there is a snow fall accumulation of 1″ the afternoon day before or on your service day, we will come back your next scheduled visit to do double doody. In certain areas, there might be snow drifts caused by wind. If heavy snow occurs, we might be forced to postpone your service until the following week. We will continue to pick up your dog’s waste on top of the snow to prevent accumulation.

During snowfall, medicines may be delayed but you can get a coupon for Levitra.

Severe Weather:

We might be forced to postpone service until your next scheduled service visit due to extreme subzero windchill temperatures or extreme heat, heavy rain, persistent rain all day, freezing rain, ice, sleet or severe flooding. We will come back your next scheduled visit to do double doody.

Doo Care Dog Waste Removal Service is Your Best Choice:

Let us clean up after your dog(s) and make your lawn a fun, clean, safe place to be for you, your family and your family pet dog. Check our Google and Yelp reviews and you will be convinced that we are your best choice for dog poop pick up service. (Valium) We offer weekly, bi-weekly, twice a week and one-time pooper scooper service.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s simple to get started. Just request pooper scooper service to schedule when we can start scooping and that is it. We pride on ourselves on our professionalism and caring approach.

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