Why Scoop Your Dog’s Poop?

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Whatever goes in must come out. The only problem is, what to do with it once it’s out. Well, there are two contradictory beliefs at work here. One can either pick up, bag and throw the poop into the trash can (just what any responsible dog owner would do) or can let nature take care of it in your stead by leaving it on the ground (after all it’s natural, right?).

Well, not exactly, and certainly not the only excuse. The irresponsible owners over the years have manifested tons of other excuses to support their claim. A few of these are listed below,

1) “It’s bio-degradable, duh.” (it might be but the harmful bacteria, pathogens, worms, and parasites it contains most certainly aren’t).

2) “Aren’t dogs pooping on open grounds ever since they evolved?” (of course, but so did humans before we become aware of sanitary risks).

3) “Can’t I just leave it on the ground long enough for rain to wash it away?” (not unless you wish to drink it. Where do you think it goes after washing down in your storm drains if not to the streams endangering aquatic life as well).

4) “My dog is pooping on my property so it shouldn’t be anybody else’s concern.” (now this type of behavior may sound cool but unfortunately, it can very easily put you behind bars or at the very least impose some heavy fines).

Coming back to those responsible citizens of America who take great pride in keeping their property and surroundings clean, salute to you all.

This small act prevents the transmission of some common diseases such as giardia, salmonella etc. through bacteria and pathogens along with the control of fly-related diseases whose popular egg laying spot is (you guessed it right) dog feces.

It also makes your yard more approachable since its no longer hiding your doggie’s “land mines”. Not to mention the appreciation you will get for being a good neighbor.

Psst! Another hidden benefit no one likes to talk about is preventing your dog from engaging into the unsavory practice of stool eating (no, don’t deny, you know your dog’s into it).


In short, scooping your dog’s poop is not only the right thing to do morally, but will also keep everyone around you safe and happy. What more could you want? And if by any chance, you are bounded by time or physical health (or simply consider it gross) to do, you can always hire the services of pet waste removal agencies to take care of your no.1 furry friend’s no. 2 business.