Preparing Your Pooch for Your Return to the Office

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It’s been more than a year since Covid-19 sent most office working people home endlessly. It has not only changed our lives but also the life of our fur buddies. They have been adapting to the new routine while being home all day long with their owners. However, as per Doo Care, the leading Naperville dog poop removal, dogs do not possess the aid of knowing why their whole lives have changed. Now, with the arrival of vaccines, most of the people are foreseeing a return to work again but the furry pooch won’t get a say in the matter.

Vets and various Naperville dog poop removal services worry about a possible surge in behavior due to separation. This is specifically for the dogs that were adopted during lockdowns and have no awareness of their families’ pre-corona lifestyle. Thus, here’re some ways for easing their changeover and preparing your pooch for your return to the office.


Let Your Dog Practice Staying Alone

Even if you are just going out to the store without them, leaving dogs alone is crucial. Even if it’s too hard for you and your dog, you have to practice leaving them alone for some time. However, you don’t have to leave them alone for too long, say, 8 to 9 hours from the very beginning. According to Doo Care, a renowned Naperville dog poop removal service and another premier Elmhurst dog poop removal service, you should begin with short walkouts of 1 or 2 hours and slowly raise the duration. Every time you return, appreciate your pooch for their good behavior and assure them that you’ll always come home after work. You can also readjust the segment of your absence, observing your pup’s behavior.


Tire your dog physically as well as mentally

Sometimes dogs act out when they’re alone not only because of anxiety but also due to frustration as well as boredom. The best way to dodge this is by assuring that they’re ready for a short nap while you leave. For this, you have to tire them first so that they may feel sleepy. Various Naperville dog poop removal firms suggest taking your pooch out for long walks and let them move around sniffing. This will make them snoozier and they’ll feel sleepy.

Begin Training

Train your pup early on to prevent anxiety as well as stress after you leave for work. You can practice this by offering your pup small treats or toys to play with after your departure. This will surely distract your pooch and minimize the stress level in your absence. Ultimately, your furry friend will feel relaxed and learn to stay alone for longer durations. Most renowned Elmhurst dog poop removal and some popular Glen Ellyn dog poop removal services advise dog owners to leave the TV on or music playing while they leave.


Put Your Dog on Camera

You should not miss some indications of separation panics. Furniture chewing, peeing as well as pooping indoors, constant barking are some signs of separation anxiety in dogs. However, other signs aren’t so obvious. Thus, there’s an array of dog-cam options available with dog poop services for homes. Your dog may have a hard time just lying on the floor without drinking and eating while you’re away. You can observe your pup’s behavior through a dog-cam viewable from your mobile phone.


Don’t Wait to Get Help if You Observe any sign of anxiety

Anytime your dog shows irritating or unusual behavior, instantly consult your vet to diagnose a medical cause. If everything is perfectly fine and you still can’t help your pooch on your own, hire a professional trainer from a reputed Dog poop service for homes like Doo Care. Don’t wait for your dog to become more anxious. You can also get a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication from your vet.

Doo Care, a premier Naperville dog poop removal facility is always ready to cater to all your needs associated with your pooch. You can reach us anytime to get our curated dog poop as well as other essential dog services.