Key Reasons to Walk Your Dog

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When you have a busy lifestyle, and your work-life balance is not going well, it seems impossible to take your dog out for a walk. As per a recent study, 33 % of dog owners rarely walk their fur buddies. Only a few owners traverse the ground with them each day. It’s not always feasible to walk your pooch for hours daily. However, you should take them for a long walk at least twice or thrice a week. Every premier Naperville Dog Poop Removal facility like Doo Care would suggest you for the same.

If you are unsure that you’d be able to get spare time for a dog walk, consider hiring a dog walking firm to give your pup a daily walk. Many dog owners who lack time usually hire a daily dog walking service provider. This amazingly fills their dog’s mood with joy, improves their behavior as well as well-being. You can get assistance from Doo Care, the best Naperville Dog Poop Removal firm for finding the right dog walking service.  Whether you’re a dog owner or an expert dog walker, here’re some key reasons to hit the trail with your fur buddy.


Manage Health as well as Weight

As per the Pet Obesity Prevention Association, 56% of dogs in the USA are unhealthy as well as obese. Various Naperville Dog Poop Removal services have also claimed the same. So, if your fur buddy is one of them, he’s at high possibility for bladder cancer, cardiac disease, infections, and diabetes. According to research, dog owners walk nearly four hours a week while non-pet owners creak in an hour. Dog walking can reduce your weight by 5% and your pup’s weight by 15%. It also boosts your cardiovascular fitness, sets your BP, and strengthens your bones. Thus, it’s a mutually beneficial task. Moreover, a dog walking routine along with light exercise helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and other body disorders.

Train Your Pooch

If you see your dog plowing ground or scratching the floor, it indicates that he’s getting rid of stifled energy. So, walks are the best thing that you can do to tame such behavior while practicing some basic commands. It is one thing for him to be able to ‘sit’ on your command in your living room but it’s entirely different in a dog park. As per various renowned Elmhurst Dog Poop Removal services like Doo Care, taking your training outdoors, you’re able to verify commands and teach your pup that training can happen anytime, anywhere.

Make New Buddies

Tail-waggers can open the passage to a whole new universe of people. They’re an amazing social lubricant that means they make interacting with others easier. People are more prone to hit a conversation with you if you’re out for a walk with your pooch rather than walking alone. Thus, it can be very fruitful for those who are under depression or feel lonely. Various Downers Grove Dog Poop Removal facilities and Doo Care, a leading Naperville Dog Poop Removal service, try to convince you to dog walking yourself if you approach them for a dog walking service. Thus, dogs can help you socialize while they socialize themselves with their littermates.

Enhance Your Bond

Dogs have evolved a lot since they’ve been canine wolves. But, it’s not up to that extent that they don’t enjoy walking with their pack. While your pooch wants you to step up as the alpha, you’ll have to gain his trust, loyalty, sympathy, and respect. Periodic one-on-one time can enhance and toughen your bond. If your dog is shy or fearful, daily walks can give him mental support as well as stability. That level of uniformity in walking can also shoot up his self-confidence.

However, if you already possess an unbreakable bond, tuck in some surprise into your pup’s day-to-day life. He’ll realize that he has to be in tune with you. So, instead of walking the same path daily, try new routes and alter your walk durations. You can also let him have a peanut butter cookie or a turkey meatloaf after walking. Most renowned Naperville Dog Poop Removal facilities advise having Saturday and Sunday as your ‘walk in the park’ days, as you would have ample time on these days.

Offer a Dog Poop Break

Dogs usually poop once or twice daily. If your pooch has constipation, try some short walks outside. Some puddles move around the house due to bowel movements because it helps in smooth poop passing. According to Downers Grove Dog Poop Removal services, Dog Poop breaks aren’t just about excreting waste. They’re about interaction too. Besides marking their colonies, dogs use urine or poops as alerting cards.  Dogs’ anal glands produce a musky smell when they’re afraid. Thus, sometimes poop can alarm other dogs of danger.  According to Doo Care, a premier Naperville Dog Poop Removal firm, urine is just like social media for dogs. Where you might check Instagram for the latest updates, dogs check the popular pee spots to determine the sex, age, and health of their followers.

Make Walking an Obsession

Various Elmhurst Dog Poop Removal firms recommend getting a step counter or a fitness tracker for your dog. This will help to set realistic daily goals. In the first week, walk your pooch for 2,000 steps daily. Then in the second week, walk him for 3,000 steps daily, and continue until you reach 6,000 steps. This will help your pooch to get rid of obesity that may cause joint damage, inflammation, bone spurs, and osteoarthritis.

Doo Care, Your best Naperville Dog Poop Removal partner is always there to support your efforts in providing your pup the care he deserves. Call us for daily dog walking as well as poop scooping services; we’d love to help your furry pooch.