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While taking care of your furry friend, sometimes it feels like no one can do this task better than you. It’s a stressful situation when you have to go out of town and want your dog under the best possible care. Though you may wish to have your pooch with you during your vacation, you should consider the following factors before you take any step. You can also get assistance from Doo Care, a leading Naperville Dog Poop Service.

Stress While Travelling

Traveling in flight can be an arduous experience for your pup. There are a lot of new views, noises, and odors, which can cause panic. If your pup exceeds 5 kg with its ventilated container, most airlines will not accept them in the cabin. Thus, your dog will have to fly on the cargo floor.

Getting the Care as well as Attention

You may be able to bring your fur buddies with you, but a change in their daily life can be stressful for them. If you are busy in-office meetings, going for a vacation, or taking your kids to a water park, your pooch will be lacking the attention as well as the love that he needs. In such a situation, leaving your lovely pooches at a proper dog boarding facility will be like a holiday for them. This will ensure their mental as well as physical engagement while getting all the care as well as the attention they need.

Safety as well as Health

Leaving your pup with a close friend seems to be the easiest option. But friends may not always be trustworthy; they may back out at the last minute. Moreover, probably, they won’t know how to handle an emergency. Whereas, the expert staff at a boarding resort has the experience to deal with all kinds of situations to keep your dog safe as well as healthy.


There are a lot of things to consider while choosing the right dog boarding facility. It’s necessary to know the pros and cons of a boarding resort because all boarding facilities don’t operate in the same manner. Some resorts place multiple dogs in a single open place. On the other hand, hotels offer in-house boarding where your pup stays indoors under the supervision of caregiving staff. Some dog service providers offer dog sitting services, in which a staff member will stay with your dog in your house while you’re not there.

Once you know your dog’s preferences, you can begin searching for a dog boarding facility. Doo care, a Naperville Dog Poop Service suggests you visit the facility before dog boarding. It will give you insights into their services as well as the care they’ll be providing. Usually, a pre-boarding visit can answer many of your queries. So, here’re six key points to consider while looking for a dog care facility:


A refined boarding facility will ensure the proper sanitization of the floor, feeding bowls, and bedding. The facility must have a top Naperville Dog Poop Service like Doo Care. This reduces the risk of illness due to viral puppy warts or canine infections in dogs that can easily spread in shared spaces.

Vaccination Policies

A good boarding facility will require all the vaccinations to protect all the dogs at the facility. Rabies, as well as Parvovirus/ Distemper Vaccinations, are a must along with kennel cough shots. Having a tough vaccine policy is a basic prerequisite for a professional boarding home.

Sufficient Staff

A dog boarding institution must have enough staff to deal with the number of dogs. Moreover, the facility should have a partnership with a local vet or veterinary clinic. The staff should be highly expert in caregiving.

Enough Space

The dog boarding facility should be large enough to accommodate the number of dogs to provide care. The facility must have both indoor as well as outdoor areas for dogs. Each dog at the facility should have their own sleeping kennels.


The facility must offer a lot of activities for dogs like dog walking, playing, and exercising. All these activities must be part of daily daycare.


Apart from the basic considerations, you must look that whether a facility can deal with your pup’s food allergies and specific needs. You can go to a facility providing grooming as well as training services with 24 hours CCTV surveillance. Pocket-friendly pricing along with such luxurious facilities offered by Doo Care, a Naperville Dog Poop Service is the best choice.