Training Your Dog to Poop Outside

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Dog Training

The key is having a command for going poop. I use the words “go poopies”. Preferably, when your dog is a puppy start training him to go in one place in the yard. It’s still possible for older dogs, it just takes longer. This will take a bit of your time up front, but the payoff is a nice poop-free yard.

Step 1

When your dog has to go poop, put him on a leash. (Use the command to go poop frequently throughout the training and later.) Walk him to the section of the yard you want him to poop. Say the poop command. Stay with him until he is finished. Make sure it’s a big enough section for him to search for just the right place. My dog sniffs every last piece of grass to find just the right place to poop. Praise, praise, and reward him!! Do this each time for several days.

Step 2

When ready to test the results, put the leash on the dog as you did before. Don’t hold the leash. Then open the door, say the command, and let the dog go out. Keep saying the command until you are sure he knows what he’s supposed to be doing. Go out with him and encourage him to go to “the spot”. Grab the leash and correct him if he’s not in the right place. Again praise and reward him for his success.

Step 3

The next step is to remove the leash, say the command, and go out with him to the spot. Again praise and reward the dog.

Step 4

Next step, open the door, say the command, and let him out without the leash. Watch from the door to shot out a command if needed. Pointing to “the spot” while stating the poop command again helps some dogs.

Step 5

Lastly, he should go to the spot each time. If he starts to stray, use commands to get him going in the right direction. You can go back to the leash part anytime he needs review or a longer training time. Don’t give up, it’s great!! now I feed my dog my dog the same time every eve at 6 and he poops every morning at train when you know he needs to go ok remember to praise him really well when he is done.

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