Tips to Introduce Your Second Fur buddy

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Are you ready to pay more vet bills, get some extra food, buy more toys, more poop to scoop? Because that’s what you would do when you will bring another fur buddy at your home.

After weeks of planning and brainstorming on which dog will make the best buddy to your first dog and fits your house, you can finally proceed with the decision to get another dog. If your first dog has been well trained, it can be the model to provide good dog-manners to the new dog.  However, adding a second canine to the household requires more time and effort in terms of training, feeding, walking, and picking up after your dogs, and check behavioral problems in your dog. But it does have some benefits of having a second dog that includes more love and companionship, giving a dog a new home, and a playmate for your current dog. Undoubtedly, two canine buddies would be so much more amazing than one and whatever the reason, if you’re considering bringing home a new dog or pup, you have to follow some instructions from the beginning.

The Introduction

Is your dog ready to have a buddy? Well, to bring a new dog home, you have to create a good between both of your dogs. First impressions are always important for everyone and that goes for our furry friends too. When you bring your new dog home from the shelter, hand it over to your friend or handler, take your current canine buddy outside and find a neutral ground like a park or open space.

Make sure each dog has a handler. Repeat the greeting of the two dogs, keep the dogs on their leashes by your side, and study their body language. If both of them are happy to see each other or you can wait until they calm down and don’t growl, let the calmer dog slowly approach the other dog. Moreover, you can drain some of their excitement by taking a walk with the dogs where the handlers will walk side by side but far enough apart so the dogs can interact while being on a leash.

If they get excited again, wait until they calm down before you forward once more. Usually, dogs sniff nose to nose then nose to ear. Watch the sniffing of both closely, if one dog growls, shows teeth, silently stares, or tries to put head above the other dog’s shoulders, calmly say no, and regain the misbehaving dog’s attention. Firmly separate the pair and repeat the process.

If the warning signs mentioned above are not there, allow the dogs to act natural and you monitor the interaction. If they begin to play, or your dog walks back towards you without caring about the other dog, you may have got the green light from your family dog that they both are comfortable with one another, bring them into your house.

However, you must closely monitor your dogs’ interactions for the first 24 hours and ensure that you have the time set aside to watch every interaction and playing session your dogs have together. After introducing a new dog to your resident pet, you can introduce your new dog to your family members. Instead of bringing both the dogs inside at the same moment, you should have a helper take your resident dog for a stroll and give your new dog a chance to check out his new space.

Be extra cautious with toys and treats

Be sure to do a quick check and temporarily remove any items your current dog may be possessive over such as food bowls, toys. This can help in avoiding any conflict that could result in serious aggression. Then slowly introduce the toys back in as both of your pups become more comfortable with each other.

Remember to give each pup plenty of attention

Don’t forget to spend some quality alone time with both of your dogs on a regular basis. Make some extra time for your older dog and you can help ease any jealousy or resentment towards the new dog. And your current pup will understand that it’s not always about them but instead will look forward to their turn for personal snuggles!

Train and manage

Training is the most important thing. You can survive one ill-mannered dog, but two poorly behaved dogs will lives miserable. So, training is needed in a way like something as simple as consistently requesting them to sit for a cookie before going out will give them a constant reminder that you’re in charge.

Summing up

As a pet parent of two fur babies, it is vital to remember to take things slow and always be in control of the situation. Always do your best to create a positive environment where your dogs can feel protected and happy. Allow them to gradually get used to each other scent and presence. Thus, as long as you follow these useful tips, it will take you one step closer to establishing a comfortable home for two of your lovelies!!