Take Care of a Dog or Puppy While You’re Busy Working.

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Everyone is busy in their lives but are we really busy that we can’t take care of a dog? Well, undoubtedly there is no denying that getting a dog is just like having a baby. One needs to take care of the dog just like babies. Even if you are a busy working person, you can still get to have and take care of the dog. Moreover, it is said that pets can help to reduce stress, and being a busy person you are in need of the same. 

So, how can you do the same?

Here are some of the things which you need to know if you are busy working and want to take care of your fur baby simultaneously. These are some of the tips which you can follow to keep your dogs well even when you are away. 

1. Make them exercise before you go:

Exercising drains the energy from the pets and keep them calm. If you take your dog for the run that will drain the energy from the dogs and when you are away for work they can just simply relax and sleep. Once you are back home the energy powerhouses are back up again to jump on you. 

2. Head home for Lunch:

This tip is for those who’s office is just near to their home. In case your home is far off then also you can make time to meet your furball for some time. The only problem would be that you won’t be able to make time for lunch for you. But you can have lunch while commuting or at the desk.

3. Sync your family routine:

In case you are living with our family or have roommates then the whole process gets, even more, easier for you. Try and match the routine of the people at your place. For instance, if your lunch break is at 2 pm then ask your family members or roommates to get an early or late lunch break so that your dog can have someone by their side and remain alone for lesser time. 

4. Indoor Potty break arrangements:

Though there are some dog breeds that don’t have or feel the urge to take a potty break for 7-8 hours. But this is not applicable to everyone and calls for some arrangements to be made. The arrangements you can make are arranging an Indoor pet waste removal service. There are many arrangements which you can make or buy for your dog to get them relieved. 

5. Get a dog walker:

Getting a dog is easy but taking care of them when you aren’t around can be difficult. So, this can be an ideal solution for your dog. The dog walker can just take your dog away for the walk. This way your dog can be relaxed, take potty breaks, and burn off some energy too. There are some companies that also offer dog waste removal services without having to bother anyone. 

6. A quick Neighbor check:

 In case you have friendly relations with the neighbors then you can simply ask your neighbors to have a quick look at your dog. This way you are also sure that your dog is fine and in case there is any problem you are informed and head back home at the earliest. 

7. A reciprocal playdate:

If you have someone by your side who also works full time and owns a dog alongside then you can reciprocate and arrange a playdate. This way you know that your dog is not alone and both the dog parents are in this together. Your dogs then will also be happy. 

8. Nanny Cams:

If you are new at this then we understand that you won’t be able to keep calm within yourself. You just want to know what is going on with them so this can be a savior and will give you all the answers to your questions. If your dog has eaten or is he sleeping or making a mess, etc. 


We understand that leaving your dogs alone at home and leaving for work every day makes you guilty. But you got to do what you got to do. Your dogs might whine or act crazy for some time but eventually, they will settle down and be comfortable at home. You just have to be okay with the fact that you have work to do and by following some of the above tips you can easily take care of your furball. Stop worrying and make things work with these tips.