Simple Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

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Fleas are a bane for dogs as well as dog owners. Fleas not only hurt your dog while causing extreme scratching but also lay their eggs on your carpets and furniture. At Doo Care, a leading Naperville dog poop removal facility, we suggest following the advice of your vet doctor to treat fleas on dogs properly without using chemical therapies. If you’re thinking about how to get relief from fleas on your dog’s hair as well as skin, keep reading this article. You will find some simple as well as natural ways to get rid of fleas naturally.

Home Remedies to Shed Away Fleas from Your Dog Naturally

If your pup is scratching and you doubt it’s because of fleas, there’re ample flea home remedies for your fur buddies. Whether you’re looking for homemade oils, comb, collars, washing scrub, or something else, Doo Care offers enough chemical-free ways to treat fleas on pups.


1. Essential Oils Spray

Some essential oils are used as an effective flea remedy for puddles. Citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary are natural flea repellants. You can mix a few drops of any essential oil into 400ml-500ml of water and spray directly onto your dog’s fur. However, as per the renowned Naperville dog poop removal services like Doo Care, it’s crucial to know that essential oils can be very toxic to pups if not diluted aptly.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Organic apple cider vinegar offers a good way to treat fleas on pooches naturally by balancing pH levels. It creates an optimal environment for your dog’s skin which is choking for fleas. However, diluting apple cider vinegar with the proper amount of water and some sea salt is important. You can spray the solution directly onto your dog’s fur.

3. Lemon Fresh Bath

A Lemon bath is effortless to make and keep your pup smelling fresh and noticeably flea-free. Simply dissolve a half cup of fresh lemon juice into two cups of water, add some mild pooch soap or shampoo, and be ready!

4. Foam Bath

Any dog-friendly body wash that produces enough lather will naturally choke fleas. While selecting flea remedies natural is always the best choice, choose organic shower gels or body wash without chemicals. Once your furry friend is aptly foamed, leave him as it is for a couple of minutes. It will surely help.

5. Multi-Purpose Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural and effective insect repellent and thus one of the best flea treatment remedies. You can apply a layer of it directly to your pup’s furry blanket, or just add it to your usual dog shampoo. Various Elmhurst dog poop removal services recommend neem oil as the first step to prevent fleas

6. Organic Soaps

By substituting out your usual pup shampoo for enriched organic soaps such as neem soap or Rose soap, you can wash your pooch as normal. Thus you will get a flea-free as well as a pleasant smelling pup at the end.

7. Aroma Spray

If you’re familiar with aromatherapy, you can get your pooch into a batch of aromatherapy. It will not only treat a flea plague but also hinder future occurrences. It also acts as a natural soother for your dog. You can add mellow almond oil or coconut oil as the base oil, and a few drops of Atlas cedar oil, eucalyptus oil, geranium oil, laurel oil, common, and lavender oil. All these oils are available with most Naperville dog poop removal and Downers Grove dog poop removal services.


a. Cedar or lavender oil flea collar

A homemade flea-resistant collar is a creative method of keeping fleas away from your dog without using any spray. You can buy or make a simple collar yourself. ( Just dissolve a few droplets of lavender or cedar oil into the water and apply it directly to the pup’s collar.

b. Vodka flea collar

It’s astonishing but true that vodka is an efficient way of treating fleas in dogs. Yes, it’s true! You just need to soak a simple dog collar in a spoon full of vodka and keep it for drying. You can also add some droplets of any essential oil of choice to create a scented collar.

c. Lemon Comb

Lemon is commonly known for its organic properties to both resist and kill fleas while being fully harmless to dogs as well as humans. Just dip your pup’s comb or fur brush into fresh lemon juice and apply it to their hair as normal. You can seek more guidance from professional Naperville dog poop removal services like Doo Care.

d. Flea comb

Flea combs don’t hold any chemicals but are uniquely designed to wipe fleas and their eggs from your pup’s fur. It’s a cheap way to get rid of fleas as you don’t have to make other purchases. Flea combs are readily available with most of the Elmhurst dog poop removal services.


1. Vinegar or apple cider vinegar drink

To repel and combat fleas from the inside out, try diluting a spoon of synthetic vinegar or apple cider vinegar in your pup’s drinking water. This will not only keep fleas away but also your dog’s fur, as well as skin, will witness the benefits.

2. Brewer’s yeast

As per Doo Care, a leading Naperville dog poop removal service, just a half spoon of brewer’s yeast mixed with the dog’s daily meal makes for an adequate flea remedy.

Wrapping UP

All the things to prevent fleas should be done as per the vet’s advice or recommendation from a professional Dog poop service like Doo Care. According to us when it comes to the best flea remedies, organic essential oils are incredibly effective, and also there’re several scents you can use. But, as dogs have sensitive smelling power, we suggest testing a very small amount of essential oil near your pups to see how they react.