Quick Tips to Keep Your Canine Buddy Cool on Hot Days

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While you have an option of devouring chilled smoothies and enjoying pool parties on sultry hot days, your canine companion is not so lucky for that matter. The dog pets also need some relaxation when the mercury starts to rise. In general, the dogs with short coats like beagles, chihuahuas, and dalmatians can do better in the heat. The sighthound group, mostly the high-speed hounds used for coursing and racing are naturally gifted when it comes to beat the heat. On the other hand, bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers and to name a few are sensitive to hot climates.

Keeping the dog cool when the temperature soars, is vital because they can’t sweat very well. Most often, they sweat their heat out by panting. But it should not be the only choice for them. Let your furry baby feel fresh and energetic during the warm conditions as well. So, fret not, here some tips mentioned below to keep your dog pet cool down in rising temperature.

Dog Chilling in summer

Try some mist

Doghouses often absorb the heat and make it worse for the dogs to be in it. A wet dog is a cool dog. You can plan any outdoor summer activity and involve your dog into some water play with sprinklers, pools or lakes that can be fun or refreshing. Think about a kiddie pool to help your pal cool off in the yard. And a garden hose to wet down your dog will help. In case you feel, it wastes a lot of water and some dogs are afraid of the direct water pressure, consider using a mist creating an attachment that attaches to the water supply and sprays very fine tiny particles like mist.

Provide fresh and cold drinking water

Leaving your pooch outside the house for long can be harmful. Even if you are taking him outdoors to go to the market or play in the garden, make sure he gets enough shade and drinkable freshwater. For that, you can carry a collapsible water bowl and squirt bottle with you. To add some fun, you can even make some ice cubes or popsicles for your pet to relish while hydrating themselves. Make sure you bring your dog indoors when the heat becomes too intense for him. Making sure your home’s cooling systems are in place and working as they should is important to regulating his temperature. If you need some repair work to get everything functioning as it should, for those in Charlotte, NC, professional services from the likes of Morris Jenkins are well worth looking into. Similar services are available elsewhere too, but make sure you get in touch before the height of summer hits.

Avoid the midday heat

Do all you can to avoid the extreme temperature of the day? Speaking of the sultry hot climatic conditions, it is often the early and mid-afternoon time when it is sunny outside with high humidity. So, it is preferable to do your walks, jogs, or any other outdoor exercise with your dog either in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is not at peak and temperature is slightly cooler. You can pour water on blacktops and if it immediately steams up that means it’s too hot for your dog. Touch the pavement before you head out in increased temperature. If it is hot for your hand, it could be harmful to your dog’s paw.

Help your dog sweat

Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat out their skin because they do not have sweat glands except the small areas like on the pads of their paws. That is why there are certain products available for dogs to lie on or to wear such as cooling vests and bandanas. When bandana soaks water, the crystals absorb the water it expands, so it’s vital to buy the right size for the dog. Water slowly evaporates from the bandana for cooling the dog down.

Dog Care Services

Heatstroke in dogs – Know the signs

Heatstroke can prove to be a dangerous condition for the dogs. Puppies, senior dogs, and the ones in poor health are at a higher risk. If your dog is at risk of heat-related illnesses, it might be worth looking into contacting some hvac contractors Colorado Springs, for example, to see if they could install a HVAC unit in your home. This will allow owners to keep the room cool for the dog, allowing them to sit inside comfortably. Another aspect to look for the signs of heatstroke is the way he holds his ears and a tail like “if his ears are erect and he’s alert while looking around, great! If they start to droop, that’s when you need to worry. This also goes the same with tail, if they have a tail that’s normally up and wagging, it will start to drift down or it is down, which is another warning sign.

Symptoms of heatstroke include:

  • Excessive panting or salivating
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Irregular and rapid pulse
  • Disorientation
  • Seizures, muscle tremors
  • Raised temperature

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you need to take your pet into a cooler environment and call the veterinarian as soon as possible for further instructions and treatment.

Ending Remarks

Some days you can spend with your furry friend while sitting in an air-conditioned room so that even they feel good inside the home. And, when it comes to the outing, the above-mentioned suggestions can help in the long run for maintaining their health, psychology as well as hygiene. We at Doo Care, provide dog poop service for residential buildings and dog poop service for a condo to haul your dog poop away so that your loving baby doesn’t have to go out pooping in hot weather.