Know About Your Dog’s Development Stages

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While owning a new furry friend, you may find yourself thinking, what’s next? The first year of a dog’s life is the most critical time in the development stages of a dog. This time promotes the up growth of their behavior. Each phase of development has its own importance in the growth of a dog. So, knowing about the development stages will give you the hands-on knowledge to interact with and help your dog to grow. Various Downers Grove Dog Poop Service providers are also making people aware of these dog’s development stages these days.

Dog Development stages

Peer Socialization Stage: 3 To 7 Weeks

At an early age, a dog practices body postures as well as some vocalizations, learning its effect on peers. In this stage, a dog learns to interact with littermates and moderates the power of his mouth and canine tooth.

Importance of this stage:

If your dog was separated from his mother or peers early, then he may be missing some primary canine communication skills. Thus, he might bite harder than other puppies while playing. So, it’s necessary to socialize your dog with other fur buddies from a young age.

Human Socialization Stage: 7 To 12 Weeks

It’s the best time to introduce a pup to humans, especially other dog owners. After interacting with peers, it’s necessary to introduce your dog to new things in nature. Taking your furry friend on a walk daily will surely help in this stage. If you have little or no time in your busy schedule, you can hire Doo Care Downers Grove Dog Poop Service for dog walking.

Importance of this stage:

It’s the most rapid learning phase in a dog’s life. Therefore, make sure to expose your dog to diverse people and environments. All interactions should be positive as well as non-depressive for the dog.

Stage of First Fear Impact: 8 To 14 Weeks

Any spooky or stressful incident at this time will have a long-lasting effect on the dog than the same experience at any other stage. Lifelong jitters and anxiety can occur in reaction to a negative experience.

Importance of this stage:

Actively invigilate your puppy for anxiety or fear over time. Some pet owners introduce their pup to everything and everyone and everything in one go. But, it’s wrong to force him to interact with other dogs and people he doesn’t want to meet. This may trigger fear over time. So, just let the furry pooch go at his own pace for meeting new buddies and people.

Stage of Flight Instinct: 4 To 8 Months

The dog starts to test his limits and seems to clear his mind of everything he once knew during this phase. This stage can last up to some weeks and usually appear at any time between 4 to 8 months.

Importance of this stage:

It’s a transformation stage, a cute pup will become difficult to handle. He will eventually start ignoring commands and gestures. He may get aggressive with age. As per Doo care and other Downers Grove Dog Poop Service providers, the dog isn’t trying to be dominating, rather he is just trying to know his place in the world. Positive support, as well as consistent rules, are essential for retaining control.

Stage of Second Fear Impact: 6 To 14 Months

Moving towards adulthood dog becomes afraid of new situations that are going to occur. This fear often stimulates due to hormonal changes or growth. There could also be a hike in reactivity as well as guarding behavior of the dog.

Importance of this stage:

You should not force your pooch into any tough situation as it will only provoke fear. Forcing the dog to resist his fears could also make him disbelieve his master. This is a critical stage, so use certain positive reinforcement to handle the dog’s behavior.

Thus, understanding these growth stages helps to support your dog to grow and adapt positive behavior while connecting with peers. At the best Downers Grove Dog Poop Service provider, Doo Care, you can leave your pooch to us for mental as well as physical development. If you lack time due to your busy routine, just reach us at Doo Care.