How to Make a First-Aid Kit for Dogs

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We all have first aid kits in our homes that contain some basic things like an antiseptic solution, cotton, bandages, etc to help us out in situations where we may get minor injuries at home. Just like us, our four-legged companions can get hurt playing around the house too. So, every responsible and caring dog owner has to set up a first aid kit for dogs and keep it handy at all times. The resolve of making the kit is the first step. Now let us see how we can do it and what all things are needed.

Contents for First-Aid Kits for Dogs

  • Blood clotting powder

If your dog is bleeding due to an injury, the first thing you would want to do is to stop that bleeding as quickly as possible. That is why one of the key contents for any first-aid kits for dogs is blood clotting powder. This product helps in minor situations like scratches and bites to major issues like damage to the blood vessel. It is truly an important thing to have at home.

  • Gauge Pads

High absorbent gauge pads are next on the list. They help absorb the blood and keep the wound wrapped up till you get your dog to the vet or an animal hospital. They will control the blood loss for your dog and also protect your home and car from the blood further maintaining hygiene in that situation.

  • Wound Disinfectant

One major concern that dog owners have when their pets get injured is whether the wound would get infected. You can get some peace of mind by applying the wound disinfectant to the injured area with a cotton swab. It may sting your dog a little on application but it is necessary for its health. 

  • Cotton balls

As mentioned in the above point, cotton swabs or balls can be very useful. Whether it is about applying ointments or wound washes, to simply cleaning the blood and dirt from the wound, cotton balls are a basic necessity of any pet first-aid kit. Not just for your dog but cotton balls can be useful for the humans in the home too for their first-aid. 

  • Bandage

A bandage tape is the next essential item on this list. This can be used on the dog’s tail, paws, legs, etc on minor to average wounds that do not require a trip to the vet in most cases. There are many different brands of bandages you can choose from to add to your dog’s first-aid kit.

  • Self-adhesive bandage Covers

This is to be used as an outer cover to the bandage that has been applied. It has a piece of Velcro that helps the bandage cover to stick. This adds an extra protective layer on the bandage so that it does not open up again or your dogs do not meddle with the bandage. It is a very useful thing and is available in a variety of different colors. 

  • Scissors

The next item is a pair of scissors. They are used for cutting bandages and gauze. They should always be kept handy at all times with bandages where they are needed. There are different types of scissors you can use. From normal scissors, we keep around the house to heavy-duty shears. Whichever you think would get the job done.

  • Duct Tape

This is used for keeping the bandages in their place to ensure that they do not come undone on their own or by the dogs themselves. Make sure to apply this tape only on badges and never on the dog’s skin or fur as it will get stuck and will be both difficult to remove and painful to your dog while removing.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used for the purpose of inducing vomiting for your dog. This needs to be done only after consulting your vet or poison control. This chemical is potentially very dangerous so read more info before handling it. The most common reason to induce vomiting is when your dog eats something it is not supposed to like dark chocolate. Always use 3% hydrogen peroxide as it is the only one safe for your dog. Again, please consult a vet for any more information.

  • Eye Flush 

Just like we humans need eye drops to flush out any foreign substance in our eyes or to remove any irritation in the eyes, so do the dogs. Eye flush solutions for pets help dogs reduce irritation in their eyes caused by irritants like pollen or other objects in the eye. As eyes are the most sensitive part of any creature’s body, this makes the eye flush a necessary item for the first-aid kit.

These are just some of the basic items that you need to keep in your dog’s first aid kit. You can add more items based on your pet’s individual needs or as per your vet’s instructions. We at Doo Care dog waste removal services, wish you and your pets good health.