How Do We Pick Up Dog Poop in the Winter?

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We get that question asked all the time and the reason for this post. We do work all through the Winter and through all the snow. After a snowfall, your dogs probably keeps on pooping on top of the snow, right? For weekly customers, our service techs keep coming to your house on your service day and will pick up what they see.  As the snow melts, we will see even more until we get all your dog’s poop and it’s completely removed from your yard. Weekly customers will never see more than 7 days of dog poop. We are “Johnnie on the spot”!

If you only want a one time clean up, then it makes sense to call us either when all the snow melts or when you can’t take looking at your dog’s waste any further. Some customers get a one time clean up two or three times in the Winter.

You and your dog have the same thing in common. You don’t want to step in dog poop. So call Doo Care today and let the good times roll! We are the Chicago areas top pooper scooper service with 5 trucks and over 550 weekly customers.

Call (630) 786-6008 or go to and order service online.