DNA Dog Poop Testing For Apartments and Condos

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dog poop testing

Want to know “Who done it?” Our sister company PooPrints is the leading DNA dog poop testing service in the U.S. Mainly for managed communities, each dog is cheek swabbed for their DNA. After most of the dogs in the community are tested, the community can begin testing un-scooped dog waste. Matches are run by the PooPrints lab every day to find the “Poopetrator”.

“The average fine is $250 and they are also responsible for the lab test fee of $59.95. We want to make it unaffordable for them not to comply”, says Tania DiNicoloa of PooPrints.

PooPrints mainly distributes their DNA dog poop testing to apartments, condos, and HOAs, but is also eyeing municipalities and their parks too. For more information about PooPrints DNA dog poop testing call 877-213-7817 or visit www.pooprintsdogdna.com