Please, just clean up my dog poop

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Dog Poop Pick Up Please?


Dogs Rule, and all they need is a dog poop pick up. Yea, our furry little friends do need food, water, a walk and some attention. But what they really want is a clean yard and a dog poop pick up. The average number of dogs per family has risen in the past few years. Why is that? We are so busy these days with technology, who has time for anything else? Deep down we still need some love and our dogs give us the unconditional love we need. With a phone in one hand, a laptop on our lap and watching TV, our dogs will sit right by us and love on us. You will never hear your dog say “Hey Joey, haven’t you been on your phone a little much today?” That’s why we love our dogs. All our dogs want is a little attention, a little food, some water and um… a dog poop pick up please?