Do-Follow Tips For Dog Proofing Your Backyard

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As we love to spend some time in the great outdoors, the same is the case with dogs. Staying at home all day long may get boring for your lovely pooch. So, spending some time outside is crucial for both workouts as well as incitement of the senses for emotional stability. However, leaving your furry friend alone in the backyard may prove to be harmful. If you are a responsible dog owner, a secure house must be your topmost priority to minimize the risk of your pooch escape. We all know how to take effective measures to dog-proof our homes. But, we often neglect to take the same measures when it comes to our backyard. Here’re some tips to protect your pooch from backyard dangers by dog-proofing it.

  • Select Dog-Friendly Flowers For Your Garden

Seasonal orchids are awesome, but many common flowers such as tulips, daffodils, crocus, and lilies can be toxic to dogs. Talk to an expert like Doo Care, a leading Naperville Dog Poop Removal service about which blossoms are safe for dogs before you implant them in your backyard.

  • Examine Fence Periodically

Even if your backyard has a proper fence, a small puppy can easily slide out through narrow gaps or holes you may not observe. Thus, you must regularly examine the fence around your backyard to assure it is secure before letting your pooch out in the garden.

  • Proper Fencing Around Swimming Pools

Even if your dog is an expert swimmer, you should never him alone near a pool on your lawn. Your pool area should be properly fenced, and you must teach your pooch to safely enter and exit the swimming pool from an early age.

  • Safe Trash Cans And Secure Garage Supplies

Trash cans, as well as dustbins, should be covered with proper lids. Liquids such as generator fuel, cleaning detergents, and antifreeze are fatal to dogs. These things must be stored out of reach of your dog. Herbicides and fertilizers should also be used with caution and stored properly.

  • Clean Decks, Kennels, And Backyard Sheds Periodically

Fleas usually live in dark and humid areas like outdoor dog kennels, decks, and other structures such as backyard shed. Sweep off the porch, clean under your deck, and remove debris from outdoor sheds to dodge fleas from flocking in your backyard.

  • Trim Lawn Weekly

Ticks use tall grasses and long branches in your lawn to tether a ride onto your pup’s skin. To help keep ticks away, Weekly shear tall grasses, tree arms and remove debris. This will offer more space for your pooch to roam around without any fear of ticks.

  • Keep Pups Away From Lawns Treated With Chemicals Like Pesticide or Fertilizer

Pesticides can help reduce bug problems but may be toxic to dogs. Avoid using such chemicals if possible or consult your vet about the proper way to use such chemicals. Keep your pooch away from a garden that has recently been treated with chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Offer Fresh Water and Shade

Canines love playing outdoors around the year, but dehydration and sunstroke can be a life-risking threat to them during summers. So, make sure to give your pup ample breaks in the shade, access to fresh drinking water, and the allowance to go inside in need.

Final Words

We have just discussed some most common tips for dog proofing your backyard. There are countless helpful tips for serving the purpose that you must be aware of if you own a dog. By taking the time to look into these simple tips, you will be able to make your lawn a place that your fur buddy will love to play in. Apart from these helpful tips for dog-proofing your yard, you will also have a tidy as well as a safe place for you and your lovely pooch to live. For more tips, you can reach out to Doo Care, a renowned Naperville Dog Poop Removal service.