An Ultimate Guide for You to Become Responsible Dog Owner

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Thinking of having a dog pet at home? Have you prepared yourself and your family members to treat that new family pet member in a good way? Not completely ready yet?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Small pup or big smart fur buddy, no matter what you bring to your home, you have to be responsible enough to take care of your fur baby just like your family member. This means feeding them the right food, giving them enough exercise, making sure they’re healthy, and grooming them. You can Click¬†here if you are looking for a dog groomer for your furry friend because it’s important to ensure their coat is healthy and they don’t overheat in the summer months. With deep, cozy, love bond, and lifetime relations come great responsibility and strong commitment. We need to commit ourselves to being good care-taker of our fur buddies.

Because, at the end of the day, they look upon us as their friend, family, and partner in many things. And their love, activities, and potential should not go unnoticed.

So, here are some effective tips for you to become a good and responsible dog owner. Let’s begin!

Analyse your lifestyle

From choosing minor things to reflecting on what things match your lifestyle and habits, you also need to think upon before choosing a breed and what type of furry friend will keep you going with you and your family’s hobbies and personalities. This way, when you know you cannot be there for your canine buddy 24/7, you can consider having a family member or a friend to take care of your dog with instructions stated by you.

Understand the dog’s breed

When you understand your dog’s breed, it gives you insight on potential health concerns to keep track of. Some breeds are known to have bad joints, so getting an orthopaedic Bobby Bed could help in that regard. Some breeds have certain behaviors you need to accommodate as well. Sheepdogs for example have been bred to be extremely active, so if you have a sedentary lifestyle then this breed might not be right for you. The lifespan of your dog also depends on its breed and you’ll be able to know how long your dog is going to live when you research the breed.

Pet-proof your home

Just like small babies, dogs are fond of exploring their surroundings. So, you have to ensure that your home is safe and maintained for dogs to roam around. In the beginning, you can cover any exposed wires to prevent the risk of electric shocks. It is advisable to keep your dryer and washing machine always closed, especially when you have a little puppy that can hide in those spaces. Safety locks for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, power outlet covers, and a containment system or keeping doors closed using a baby gate can be effective. Also, the items you use to baby proof your home can be used for pet-proofing as well.

Prioritize veterinary care

This goes without saying that regular check-ups can keep your dog healthy and prevent him from potential diseases. Veterinary care and routine check-up ensure that your dog is up-to-date on vaccines and preventive medications as vaccines can protect your dog from contracting illnesses that can be fatal. It is recommended that your dog sees the vet or dental professional at least once a year.


Dog’s socialization is an often-overlooked aspect for a happy and healthy pet. Dogs, they are socialized are better able to deal with new circumstances, vet and grooming sessions much smoothly. For better socialization, exposing them to the world and new people and their pets is also essential. Dogs are considered to be highly social animals, and need plenty of enrichment to stay happy and healthy.

Spay and neuter your dog

You might want to fill your home with puppies but any responsible dog owner knows that the right thing to do is to spay or neuter the domestic dogs. Doing so, it will not only control the number of poor dogs that end up homeless but keep your dog in shape always. Spaying and neutering also prevent tumour and other severe illnesses. Getting this issue fixed on time can help to save their life and health.

Feed them a healthy diet

A healthy diet is equally important for all and with all of the information out there on dog food, there’s almost no excuse left to be careless with your dog’s diet. You don’t have to get the most expensive food but it’s imperative that you make sure your dog is getting all of their nutrients. Veggies from the grocery store make a great supplement and they cost almost nothing compared to processed treats. Moreover, adding a fresh egg and meat to your puppy’s food now and then will do wonders.

Maintain dog’s hygiene

Good hygiene decides the dog’s health and lifestyle. Bathing, nail clippings, and dental hygiene are very important to ensure your dog is living a good healthy life. Cleaning, eating, pooping habits need to be done in an organized way and in routine. However, you do not require a law to tell you to clean up your dog’s poops to prevent the attraction of flies and harbor parasites. We are not telling you to be perfectly available at all times where your dog poop but that is why we are here to haul your dog poop away. We at DooCare provide dog poop service for a condo to lighten-up your burden.

Being a responsible dog owner is exactly like being a responsible human who manages everything perfectly. These tips will support you in the long run.