5 Steps to Keep your Dog happy and busy during Quarantine

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With the world going through the lockdown because of Coronavirus, everyone is slightly discouraged and feeling disconnected. We all have been thinking in this everything shut down period about how to stay physically fit and mentally sane. But only humans aren’t the ones stuck in this situation. Our pets are feeling the same way and even more dependent on us now. The pets who used to go out on walks and have fun usually are not even aware of the situation of their houses.  And, honestly, if your pets don’t get the chance to go for long walks around the neighbourhood anytime soon, they can feel antsy and bored. They could start becoming anxious and restless, which is not a comfortable situation for you as well as your furry friend. Using CBD products such as oil and some soft chews from Glow CBD or similar stores could help ease some of that anxious behavior and make your pet happy again, but since you may have to regulate the doses, it can work well for sometime and then its back to square one! While you might have kids trying to e-learn and you are working from home and managing chores as well. Not intentionally, but all this work chaos can add to the boredom of your fur buddy. So, what to do for making your dog feel happy and busy during this quarantine? Take a look!

Ask your pet to assist in chores

You might be the main source of entertainment for your dog and if you won’t come with the new ways of amusement this time, it can lead to their destructive habits like chewing your shoes in anxiety, excessive barking and so on. Dogs love what they are told to do and bonus if they are in a good mood. Give your pet a particular duty or job that you feel they can happily do even if it’s something as simple as fetching your slippers. Moreover, you can tell your dog to get you something from the fridge. And to teach your dog to open the fridge, tie a cloth around the handle so it’s easy for them to pull open the door. Bit by bit, you can make your pet learn new things with discipline and fun. Plus, when you teach your dog these chores, this will make your bond stronger with them.

Play game “Tug of war”

Playing tug of war can help your dog engage physically and mentally in an activity. You don’t have to acquire a big space to play this game with your baby. Set some rules and let them try to win the game. They will love it and enjoy it. However, letting them win will not make them dominant. It will encourage them to play more. Dogs that play tug of war with their owners have been found to be more obedient and gain higher confidence by following a few basic rules like”the game stops if your teeth touch my hand.”

Give them a space to look outside

Who does not love a good view? Our pets love to observe the beautiful views outside as well and observe what’s going on out in the world. Even better if that view is calm and green! Find a particular window or door in your house that offers up an interesting view of the street or the backyard where you often play with your fur buddy. Leave those curtains open so that your pet can have a view throughout the day. You can set that place with their favourite blanket or bedding so they’re encouraged to spend time there. This will occupy and comfort them while giving mental stimulation.

Foster a new pet so they have a friend

There’s no better time than during quarantine to get a new dog or an adorable friend for your buddy. Many times, pets get more comfortable with a partner in crime. Though adopting a second pup is a big responsibility, but the right sibling for your furbaby can mean a lifelong friendship. You can get a dog with similar age and energy levels as your own pet. Take the time to introduce new pet to the family and train them before leaving them home alone.

Freeze a toy or treat

Take your dog’s favourite toy or treat and freeze it in the container. You can place that frozen treat outside so it doesn’t leave a liquid mess in your house and keep your dog occupied until it melts or they’ve licked their way to the treat! During hot summer days, a fun activity can be to fill a bowl with water. As the ice melts, treats will be revealed, creating a game full of patience for your pet.

Closing Remarks

While making your pet happy, make sure that your pet is healthy too. Take care of their hygiene and health completely with proper nutrition and sanitation. You might feel burdened sometimes to complete everything at once but you cannot hurry in taking care of a living being who adores and cares for you. For better hygiene at home as well and to not get frustrated by your dog’s mess, it is a good idea to hire dog poop pick up services that will reduce your workload. During the times, when you are not able to get out, the dog poop clean up services will come at your doorstep to haul your dog poop away. So, stay safe and take care of your lovely pets while making them happy even in shut down.