How To Start A Pooper Scooper Business

Since 2006, Doo Care has been and is currently, Chicagoland’s largest dog poop pick up business. With 10 trucks on the street and thousands of customers (Updated in 2018), we dominate the market. But there is a reason. Many dog waste removal businesses come and go, but we have the secret to dog waste removal business success.

Now you can take advantage of our 12 years experience of learning experience so that you can vault to be the largest dog waste removal business in your area. The pet business with 55 billion in sales just passed the toy industry and is one of the fastest growing industries in the USA, there are also many tools available to aid in the success of these businesses. It is worth looking into your location and what the best tools are to use, and where to enquire about them. For instance, on the west coast you will have access to the 10 best PEO in California, whereas in a different part of the country they might have a forte in a different part of business management. Location is always key when setting up too. So, why not jump on board and begin your own professional dog waste removal business by learning the techniques I used to net well over $150,000 per year with just 5 hours of work per week with net margins of 60% or more. This business can be run from your small office or home and the start up costs are nominal. You may have some initial costs if you want to set up a website for online presence and to reach more people, which you can do with the help of companies such as Web Chimpy. It’s not going to empty your coffers, though. In fact, this might make you financially independent sooner. The is a business opportunity, not a job. A business is when you hire employees to do your work. A job is when you are doing the work yourself. Most dog waste removal businesses do not have employees. The owner is out there scooping poop. How will you grow your business scooping poop? You will not. We are offering you the chance to become a business owner of a professional dog waste removal business and learn how to hire the right employees to do the work for you.

We decided not to franchise our unique business model, but rather offer you our proprietary information on “How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business for just $89.95.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What makes Doo Care so successful-Secrets to our success
  • Proprietary company information
  • Setting up your business model
  • Why Doo Care has no competition
  • What should your territory be like
  • What makes a great pooper scooper website
  • Pooper Scooper Marketing Secrets
  • Service options, rates and why
  • How Doo Care gets ranked on the first page of SEO
  • Your truck and equipment needed
  • Employees and training
  • How to get paid on the first of each month
  • Expenses to expect
  • Residential vs. Commercial customers
  • Networking which works
  • Governmental regulations
  • How to get started for under $5,000
  • Offer other services or just stick with dog poop clean up
  • Learn why franchise dog waste business fail
  • Look like a franchise
  • What to avoid so you don’t waste your time and money

Documents Included:

  • Proposals, Contracts, Phone Lead Sheets
  • Quickbooks sample Profit and Loss Statements

We are offering you a chance to learn how you can be successful running your own professional dog waste removal business. This offer is NOT available to residents in the Chicago area, since we are not looking for any new competition.

If you have the desire to start a low cost, high margin/high profit business, then starting a professional dog waste business is for you.

Doo Care’s Guide to Starting and to Successfully Running Your Own Dog Waste Removal Service Business. Information will be emailed.


Learn How To Start A Pooper Scooper Business Today!