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Curbing Food Aggression in Your Dogs

aggressive dog

Curbing Food Aggression in Your Dogs

Food aggression can be roughly defined as aggressive and possessive behavior of dogs with regards to food. This behavior can include growling, biting, snarling, etc and can lead to very violent behavior in your dog if this is left unchecked. Many dogs have canine possession aggression and food aggression is part of that. If proper

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dog with arthritis

How to Help Your Dog Who Has Arthritis

We know it is tough to see our dogs get old and start to show signs of aging in their day to day routine. However, what do you do when your dog develops arthritis? This disease can limit the mobility of our dogs as well as cause them a lot of pain in the joints

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first-aid kits for dogs

How to Make a First-Aid Kit for Dogs

We all have first aid kits in our homes that contain some basic things like an antiseptic solution, cotton, bandages, etc to help us out in situations where we may get minor injuries at home. Just like us, our four-legged companions can get hurt playing around the house too. So, every responsible and caring dog

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Dog’s Waste

Getting rid of your dog’s poop is one of the less desirable aspects of being a dog owner. However, it is extremely important not just for the health and hygiene of your home but also for your community and city. While most responsible dog owners dispose of their dog’s waste in plastic shopping bags and

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How Pet Waste Removal on Regular Intervals Can Save Your Lawn

  Throughout the world, one of the most common household pets to be found are dogs. They love you unconditionally and are generally a lot of fun to hang out with. But, there’s no denying that they can be a bit messy as well, which is a major factor that concerns people buying or adopting

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Taking Care of Your Aging Dog

  It all begins subtly. Some day or another, you notice grey hairs on the snout of your furry friend. The next thing you know, they aren’t as active as they used to be, they are no longer responding to you as well and are having a difficult time getting up. You also start noticing

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Why Talking to Your Dog is Actually a Good Thing

  We humans have a knack for talking to babies in a cartoony, over the top tone of voice (scientifically it’s called “infant-directed speech”) which is believed to actually help them pick up on language cues. But why talk to pets in a similar fashion? I mean it isn’t that, unlike babies, dogs are going

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Why Scoop Your Dog’s Poop?

  Whatever goes in must come out. The only problem is, what to do with it once it’s out. Well, there are two contradictory beliefs at work here. One can either pick up, bag and throw the poop into the trash can (just what any responsible dog owner would do) or can let nature take

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Learn What Your Dog’s Poop Can Tell You

      If you are like the rest of us, chances are that when your dog poops, you do not give it a second look and you simply dispose of it. That is absolutely natural because poop is smelly and disgusting, to be frank. Very rarely though would you have ever noticed your dog’s

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Doo Care Loves Peace For Pits

Do you want to make a difference? This month we are teaming up with Peace for Pits on social media! P4P is a Chicago foster based rescue focusing on saving the ‘bully breeds’. They are a 100% volunteer organization with each dog living in a loving foster home! Over the years they have saved many

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